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MAN TGX 3-axle tractor Euro 5 short without all-wheel drive available as XL or XXL version

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With the tractor units from ScaleART you are following a completely new line in the field of... more
Product information "MAN TGX 3-axle tractor Euro 5 short without all-wheel drive"

With the tractor units from ScaleART you are following a completely new line in the field of model making. Our models have a level of detail that illuminates long-distance transport from a different angle.

ScaleART tractor units

Transporting goods is not an easy matter, but the tractor units from our range have two, three or more axles, so that even larger transports with the ScaleART tractor units are no problem.

Of course, our customers can filter out their personal model from a large selection. This creates the customer-specific tractor unit model for your needs. With an adapted driver's cab, the semi-trailer model replica becomes a real eye-catcher.

On the move with the tractor unit

You will soon be undertaking a tailor-made transport, because with the semitrailer tractors from the ScaleART range, transport in model making takes on a completely new dimension. Simply select the number of axles you would like to equip your model with. The model will be based on your needs. But that's not all.

Put on the drive

The tractor units are available with rear or all-wheel drive. Because of this, you can customize your model to suit your transport preferences. Of course it is possible to combine the tractor units with various attachments from our range. We also have trailers that can be associated with the tractor model.

This kit is suitable for the construction of a (6x4) driven 3-axle tractor unit for short MAN TGX-XXL and contains the following components:

  • 61000150 MAN TGX-XXL cab
  • 71000021 Frame 3-axle tractor unit
  • 71000025 Spring package front axle
  • 71000013 Rear axle suspension pendulum spring for 2 axles
  • 61000070 frame walkway
  • 74000015 all-round tires 8 pcs
  • 74000013 wide tires 2 pcs
  • 71000080 Front axle metal with steering knuckles
  • 61000056 battery box
  • 61000043 tank 80mm silver
  • 61000140 exhaust MAN
  • 71000057 Saddle plate Jost
  • 96000001 professional tool set
  • 98000004 wooden box
  • 95000027 building instructions
Marke: MAN
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