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About us

ScaleART Model Manufactory has been producing high-quality models under this label since 2000 and is a family-run business operated by Bernd Brand and his children Sarina Brand and Robin Brand.

ScaleART Model Manufactory based in Waldsee

ScaleART is a family business with hand and heart. Our 22 staff work hard and passionately to create unique models that are as individual as you are. Products from a single source made by hand: Design, production and distribution. Each model is unique and is created according to the collector’s wishes. We are a steadily growing company based in Waldsee, Germany which makes the dreams of the model collectors come true. ScaleART’s high-quality models are delivered worldwide. The Made in Germany label on our products stands for the pride we take in production in our home country.

Anything else is just a toy

Commercial vehicle models are available ten a penny, but ScaleART produces technical high-end models. Our products are small originals that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. That is why we give a lifelong guarantee on our models with regard to the drive technology. The models in a 1:14.5 scale feature impressive attention to detail. ScaleART also creates high-quality model kits, which reach collectors all over the world, on a total area of 1,000 sq m. ScaleART counts a wide range of well-known license partners among its cooperations in the field of commercial vehicle models. In this way, we are able to produce small originals of brands such as MAN or Mercedes Benz. ScaleART stands for high standards it lives up to. That’s why we produce according to the highest standards so that our customers, collectors and model enthusiasts around the world can models built to extraordinary detail.

State-of-the-art technology for models of the finest quality

It goes without saying that we use the most modern production machines, so that our models stand for guaranteed quality. ScaleART has established itself at the top of the global market and is known among a large number of collectors for producing unique models and bringing them to life with great love to detail. We live and breathe model-building and are know what collectors want, which is why our company upholds its philosophy of offering customers the greatest level of detail. Our company is also constantly evolving and for this reason, collectors can stay up to date with the latest ScaleART product lines on our social media pages.