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Mercedes Arocs 3-axle roll-off tipper Meiller without all-wheel drive

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Kit ** 
Varnish ** 
Arocs drilling 
Grille varnish 
Varnish bumper & wheel arches ** 
Varnish tipping bridge ** 
Exhaust ** 
Rear cross member for trailer coupling ** 
Hydraulics set 
Rims ** 
Drive package ** 
Commander electronics Arocs ** 
Fender ** 
Roll-off trough ** 
Model equipment 
Remote control ** 
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  • 63000125
Roll-off troughs with power Our hooklifts show stability and attention to detail that will... more
Product information "Mercedes Arocs 3-axle roll-off tipper Meiller without all-wheel drive"

Roll-off troughs with power

Our hooklifts show stability and attention to detail that will warm your heart. Our high-quality materials give you the opportunity to get the rubble out of the way with a stable lifting force. You have the option of setting down the trough directly on the construction site and picking up a trough that is already fully loaded with rubble and transporting it away.

The roll-off troughs of our roll-off tippers are made of 0.6 or 0.8 mm brass sheet and are therefore able to declare war on even heavy debris. With a roll-off tipper body, which is based on the original from Meiller, you can indeed clear ship on your model building site. The structure is made of aluminum, brass and stainless steel - according to your quality requirements. The ScaleART roll-off tipper body is largely finished with an anodized layer, all other components are coated with a high-quality paint. This gives you a nice design with your model and of course we also deliver great stability with our models. Two stainless steel lifting cylinders and an additional lifting cylinder are there to clear your building rubble weighing up to a considerable 7.5 kg.

The following troughs are available for our roll-off tippers: flat and high roll-off troughs with portal doors, tailgate or combination lock; Building material trough with removable side walls; Construction material trough with Palfinger loading crane as a self-sufficient work device.

This kit is suitable for the construction of a rear-driven 3-axle roll-off tipper and contains the following components:

  •     63000070 Mercedes Arocs cab
  •     71000048 Frame 4-axle three-way tipper
  •     71000069 Additional traverse frame TGS
  •     71000025 Spring package front axle
  •     71000013 rear axle suspension pendulum spring
  •     63000043 Arocs 3-axle chassis air tank
  •     71000080 Front axle not driven
  •     74000017 off-road tires 8 pcs.
  •     74000018 off-road tires wide 2 pcs.
  •     63000041 Add Blue Tank
  •     63000053 battery box on the side
  •     72000012 roll-off tipper body
  •     72000155 Side underrun protection
  •     75000026 servo installation kit
  •     96000001 professional tool set
  •     98000002 wooden box
  •     95000007 building instructions

The models shown are examples and may contain special accessories! The matching special accessories can be found on this page in the ticker.
The delivery time for a ready-to-drive vehicle varies depending on the order situation, please inquire about this with every order!

Marke: Mercedes
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