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MAN TGS 2-axle three-way tipper Euro 5 with all-wheel drive

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  • 61000300
Our three-way tippers are perfect craftsmanship in the sense of the transport models from the... more
Product information "MAN TGS 2-axle three-way tipper Euro 5 with all-wheel drive"

Our three-way tippers are perfect craftsmanship in the sense of the transport models from the scaleART model manufacturer.

A three-way tipper for your model building landscape

Based on the original construction plans of our license partner Meiller, the tipper has a sensational transport volume and, moreover, it can shine with an excellent hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump with a pressure of approx. 15 bar is able to carry it away from any model construction site. The entire tipper body can be unloaded on three sides, making this model from the ScaleART product line the perfect construction site vehicle.

Through the license partnership with Meiller, we provide our customers with the variants Type 9 for 2-axle chassis, Type D316 (M-Jet) for 3-axle and Type 421 for 4-axle chassis.

When manufacturing the ScaleART models from the three-way tipper product line, we naturally attach great importance to the highest quality. All tipper bridges are produced from a sheet of brass using the high-quality CNC milling process. This consists of 0.6 or 0.8 mm, but that's not enough, because the individual parts are made with attention to detail, which makes the three-way tipper from ScaleART a real eye-catcher. The optics always play a role and for this reason we really put our hands into the paint job. The three-way tipper is given a varnish dress consisting of three layers. These include: the primer, the basecoat and, ultimately, the clearcoat.

This kit is suitable for the construction of an all-wheel drive 2-axle three-way tipper and contains the following components:

  • 61000400 cab MAN TGS
  • 71000026 Frame 2-axle three-way tipper
  • 71000002 Rear axle suspension, air suspension dummy
  • 71000001 spring package front axle
  • 61000057 Spare wheel holder including spare wheel
  • 74000017 off-road tires 4 pcs.
  • 74000018 off-road tires wide 2 pcs.
  • 61000056 battery box
  • 72000004 three-way tipper body
  • 96000001 professional tool set
  • 95000007 building instructions

The models shown are examples and may contain special accessories! The appropriate special accessories can be found on this page in the ticker.

Marke: MAN
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