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Mercedes Arocs 4-axle Meiller hooklift with Palfinger loading crane ready built model

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Here you can configure your model individually.

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Mercedes Arocs 6 4-axle Meiller roll-off tipper with Palfinger loading crane This model is... more
Product information "Mercedes Arocs 4-axle Meiller hooklift with Palfinger loading crane"

Mercedes Arocs 6 4-axle Meiller roll-off tipper with Palfinger loading crane
This model is manufactured ready to drive according to your desired configuration. The base price is made up of the following components:

  • Basic model with the Mercedes Arocs cab
  • Roll-off tipper body Meiller variant
  • Drive package 8x8 with 46 watt motor
  • Hydraulic system for roll-off system and loading crane (tank color silver or black can be selected in the configuration)
  • Palfinger loading crane PK 23002-PH
  • Electronics Commander System (without remote control)
  • Tool kit
  • Wooden box

The models shown are examples and may contain special accessories!


Transporting building rubble by air or bringing building materials to the construction site? This is no problem at all with our hydraulic loading crane. The Palfinger model replica is able to reach construction sites that are difficult to access and so you can break new ground.

Use the stable framework of this model to move heavy loads. Model builders will notice it right away: Our model is based on the Palfinger PK 23002 PH and of course we therefore also value an original paintwork. However, this can vary at your request.

Combine the loading crane with other models from our range or use the building material trough with loading crane as a self-sufficient work device and in this way create a model construction fleet that has washed itself. The technology of our cranes is very complex. For this reason, we only deliver our crane model as a fully assembled model.


With our high-quality materials we offer you a crane in a class of its own. We manufacture the lifting and pushing cylinders from high quality metal. The loading crane is made entirely of brass, which results in a high payload. The stability is without question a true ScaleART achievement. Equipped with hydraulic booms and a 360 degree swivel mechanism, there are no limits to this tool. You can also combine our crane with the hydraulic versions from our model range. The versatility of our ScaleART cranes enables you to upgrade your construction site qualitatively.


A model, no matter how lovingly assembled from a multitude of individual parts, would not only lose its authenticity but, even worse, its charm if the paintwork was poorly carried out. To prevent this from happening, we rely on selected professionals for painting and lettering, who repeatedly demonstrate their skills. Be it an elaborate airbrush painting or a tiny inscription, for example a nameplate: With our models you can expect professional execution and the loving, perfect finish.

Marke: Mercedes
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