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Mercedes Arocs / Actros Gigaspace 3-axle short timber Z crane M12Z ready built model

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Here you can configure your model individually.

Cab selection ** 
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Lackierung Kühlergrill ** 
Varnish bumper & wheel arches ** 
Z -crane varnish ** 
Varnish wooden stanchions ** 
Frame varnish ** 
Color fuel tank 
Rims ** 
Fender ** 
Remote control ** 
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Short log trailer ** 
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Mercedes Arocs / Actros Gigaspace 3-axle short timber crane M12Z PALFINGER short timber... more
Product information "Mercedes Arocs / Actros Gigaspace 3-axle short timber Z crane M12Z"

Mercedes Arocs / Actros Gigaspace 3-axle short timber crane M12Z

PALFINGER short timber Z-crane M12Z - departure into a new dimension!

With this Z-loading crane, we are not only expanding our product range with an additional body, but with a complete model vehicle. The short timber truck is only available as a 3-axle vehicle with a short timber crane mounted on the rear. The vehicle is equipped with a stanchion structure for short timber and can be combined with all ScaleArt cabs. Fully functional equipped with the Commander electronics, every function of the short timber vehicle can be reproduced.

Details such as the true-to-original Z-folding of the crane, the hydraulically driven endless slewing gear with electrical swivel joint, functional headlights on the crane mast, the MasterDrive control station and the log grapple that can be swiveled through 270 degrees are based on the original PALFINGER construction plans and are manufactured under license.

Reason enough to expand the ScaleART product range, but also your model fleet with this unique vehicle.

Combine this technically sophisticated model with the right trailer for short timber.
This model is manufactured ready to drive according to your desired configuration. The base price is made up of the following components:

  • Basic model with the Mercedes Arocs / Actros Gigaspace cab selection
  • Short timber structure Palfinger M12z in Palfinger red with wooden tongs in white
  • Drive package 8x8 with 46 watt motor
  • Hydraulic system for Z-crane (tank color silver or black can be selected in the configuration)
  • Electronics Commander System (without remote control)
  • Tool kit
  • Wooden box

The models shown are examples and may contain special accessories!


A model, no matter how lovingly assembled from a multitude of individual parts, would not only lose its authenticity but, even worse, its charm if the paintwork was poorly carried out. To prevent this from happening, we rely on selected professionals for painting and lettering, who repeatedly demonstrate their skills. Be it an elaborate airbrush painting or a tiny inscription, for example a nameplate: With our models you can expect professional execution and the loving, perfect finish.

Marke: Mercedes
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